We live in a fast-changing world and agriculture is an industry that affects us all. To celebrate the feast day of Saint Isidore the Farmer, patron saint of Agricultural Engineers in Spain, we at LIDA Plant Research have asked our team the following question: Why is Agricultural Engineering so important to society?

Our team has pointed out that Agricultural Engineers focus their efforts on achieving the highest level of food security in each of the processes involved in food production, while always ensuring full compliance with protocols. Moreover, in the current context marked by overpopulation, Agricultural Engineers are essential to make agriculture more modern and sustainable. 


The role of Agricultural Engineers according to LIDA Plant Research’s team:  


    • Miguel Sarrión, National Sales Director at LIDA: “Agricultural Engineers are qualified professionals trained to get the most out of the soil, climate, water and plants, and whose main objective is to produce more and better food for society, thanks to their knowledge of the rural environment, the agriculture and livestock farming industry and the agrifood sector. In addition, Agricultural Engineers are currently the professionals who devote the most time to ensuring the highest possible level of food security in plant-based food production.


    • Oscar Llorca, Export Manager at LIDA Plant Research: “Professionals in the field of agricultural engineering can occupy many different positions and are among those with the greatest opportunities to contribute to society.  With regard to LIDA’s specific field of work, Agricultural Engineers ensure crop production is sufficient, of good quality and that it complies with protocols. In other words, they work to guarantee food security. So, we can say that if people have access to sufficient quality food, this is thanks to Agricultural Engineers.”


    • Cristóbal Peris, Technical Agricultural Engineer at LIDA Plant Research: “Considering the current overpopulation issues, we need agriculture to be modern, sustainable, and to adapt to people’s demands. Agricultural Engineers are essential to achieve this goal. We need increasingly higher yields, fewer residues, all at a competitive price; this is the equation Agricultural Engineers must solve.”


    • Joaquín Gómez, Agricultural Engineer at LIDA Plant Research: “Agricultural Engineers work to feed humanity. The world population keeps growing while resources are increasingly fewer. We must study and apply new techniques that will allow everyone access to food.”

Behind every fruit and vegetable we eat there is the effort of many professionals to make agriculture sustainable.


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