Specific phytovaccine to improve and extend the post-harvest life of fruits and vegetables.

Mode of action

The phytovaccine Relliance, based on elicitors with vaccine effect, calcium, antioxidants, silicon and betaines, is developed to be applied before harvesting, protects fruits and vegetables, improving their conservation and extending their post-harvest life.

Relliance activates the antioxidant systems, preparing the fruit for a better response and greater tolerance during the conservation and storage period.

The elicitors present in the formulation, once recognised by the receptor proteins, activate and open the calcium entry channels inside the cell, setting in motion the signalling cascade in response to abiotic stress.

The supply of calcium in the formulation ensures that it will be optimally assimilated and used by the cells and, in synergy with the silicon, improves the structural integrity of the fruit tissues and, therefore, their mechanical resistance.

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Doses and crops

Stone fruit tree
Apply 2 - 3 applications at a dose of 1.5 kg per hectare by foliar application, every 14 days from the beginning of fruit ripening.
Apply 2 foliar applications at a dose of 1.5 kg per hectare every 7-10 days, from the beginning of ripening (white fruit) to harvest.
Horticultural crops
Make at least 2-3 foliar applications before harvesting with an interval of 14 days. The dose is 150 g/100 L, with a minimum application of 1 kg/ha for water volumes of less than 500 L/ha.
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Efficiency trial for the improvement of peach conservation


Percentage of fruit affected by post-harvest rot at 7, 10, 12, 15 and 20 days after the third application.
7, 10, 12, 15 and 20 days after the third application.

Accumulated percentage of fruit with post-harvest rots

Peach / Placido Pattern GF-617. Open air. Localised irrigation.

Abelda (Huesca) Spain.

1,5 kg/ ha

A —> BBCH 83-84
B—> BBCH 85-86
C—> BBCH 86-87

Interval between applications:
12 -14 days.

Efficacy trial against Monilia in Paraguayan

Percentage of damaged fruit at harvest.
7 days after application C (7 DA-C)

Post-harvest evaluation of the number of fruits
with Monilinia (sample size: 25 fruits) 12 and 18 days after 

Paraguayan (Carioca variety)

Alginet (Valencia) España

Foliar (1000 L/ha)
A—> BBCH 81
B—> BBCH 85
C—> BBCH 87

Interval between applications:
12 -14 days

Foliar (1000 L/ha)
T1—> Control
T2—> relliance: 1,5 kg / ha(ABC)
T3—> Chemical STANDARD 20% : 0,38 L / ha(BC)

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