Nutritional Activadors





engordone: Concentrate for fruit growth. Promotes the synthesis of proteins and enzymes that activate cell growth and division, and mobilises the nutrients from the leaves, stem and root to the fruit, thus acting as an initiator of growth and ripening processes in fruit, without causing tissue degradation.





lidavital: Promoter of rooting. Reduces the time necessary for roots to branch out and facilitates plant rooting, in addition to attenuating the effect of salinity on roots.





lidafol-PL: Promoter of flowering. Special formulation with a direct impact on pre-flowering processes. Favours flower induction, activates bud development, increases hydrocarbon reserves and supplies phosphorus after its significant decrease due to flowering.





lidamino: Promoter of enzymatic processes in the cell, composed of plant amino acids. Promotes plant growth and development at times when its needs are higher, such as flowering, fruit set, fruit development, after pruning, etc.





lidafol KL: Promoter of fruit ripening. Favours the organoleptic metabolic changes that determine fruit quality: size, colour, shine, firmness, sugar content and stability during transport and storage.