plant biostimulants

plant biostimulants

The functional use of the ingredients contained in these products, when they are applied to plants or to the rhizosphere, is to improve plant development, vigour, yield and quality, through the stimulation of natural processes that benefit growth and of responses to abiotic stress such as high or low temperatures, lack of water, excess of salts, etc.

They have an influence on the primary metabolism of plants: photosynthesis, respiration, solute transport, translocation, protein synthesis, nutrient uptake, tissue differentiation, formation of carbohydrates, lipids, structural substances of plants.

plant biostimulants


New natural fruit colouring biostimulant that activates the biosynthesis of carotenoids and anthocyanins


Biostimulant of the red colouration of fruit. It favours the accumulation of anthocyanins, which are substances responsible for the red colouration of apples, and minimises their degradation due to environmental factors, thus achieving an increase in the coloured surface area of fruit and greater colour intensity.


root and foliar plant biostimulant that helps overcome post-transplant stress states, promotes soil microbial life and root development, unlock and improves nutrient absorption and promotes cell division, vegetative growth of leaves and fruits


Biostimulant developed to enhance the budding process and thus generate a large leaf volume in a fast and intense manner, which will allow the production of the energy necessary for the optimum development of the plant and its production.


Biostimulant to prevent physiopathies of the skin of fruit in horticultural crops and fruit trees: cracking, bitter pit and creasing.


Biostimulant of defences against thermal stress. It makes the plant adapt to situations of thermal stress, thus neutralising the action of the oxidative species that are generated in extreme temperature environments. This enhances the plant’s defence systems and ensures better flowering and fruit set.


Biostimulant that improves the mechanical resistance of the vascular and epidermal cells of stems, leaves and fruit, thus enhancing their structural integrity and rigidity, and resulting in stronger and more compact plants, with greater vigour, stability and appearance.


Biostimulant that optimises the osmotic potential of cells. Maintains the plant’s growth rate in conditions of hydric stress and optimises crop yield.

plant biostimulants: algamix


Biostimulant of vegetative growth in plants. Contains natural seaweed extracts of the genus Aschophylumm nodosum, which promote bud growth and leaf development, thus increasing fruit yield and quality.

plant biostimulants: algamix


Biostimulant of budding in fruit trees, berries and grapes. It triggers the metabolic processes to obtain the necessary energy to break dormancy and promote budding in deciduous fruit trees and vine, so that uniform and early flowering, better fruiting and greater accumulation of sugar are achieved.

plant biostimulants: n-grip


Specific root conditioner for plants under stress. Helps to re-establish the biological balance of the flora and fauna of the soil.

plant biostimulants: n-grip


Biosimulant that reduces the oxidative stress that causes the fall of flowers and fruit in fruit trees. Avoids premature senescence of ovaries due to oxidative damage, which increases the life span and viability of the ovules to be fertilised, thus achieving a longer “effective period of pollination”.


Biostimulant of fruit set, that includes natural active ingredients to improve fruit set through a hormonal induction and stimulation process.


Attenuating agent of the oxidative damage caused by the use of mineral oils.